Avatrombopag & Beyond

As a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring, developing and commercializing drug candidates for rare diseases where there is a high unmet medical need, we aggressively pursue much-needed medicine and healthcare solutions. This work begins with the development of our late-stage drug candidate, avatrombopag, for which we are seeking regulatory approval in the United States and Europe. We encourage you to check in on avatrombopag’s regulatory approval pathway following successful completion of our two pivotal Phase 3 clinical trials.

Bringing Gaps in Pharmaceutical Solutions to Light

At Dova, we employ a value-driven approach in building a pipeline of drug candidates. We aim to create groundbreaking pharmaceutical solutions with purpose, seeking out drugs built to address health challenges that remain unmet. We’re able to do all of this with a nimble approach thanks to our passionate Leadership Team, which was built to outsmart the conventional way of doing things. Every day, Dova is pushing the limits of life and science. We may not be big pharma — a distinction we embrace — but we create big impacts.

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