Leading the Charge

We’ve built a company poised to produce transformative pharmaceutical solutions by bringing together leaders steeped in all the functions needed to bring new drugs to life. With a deeply skilled management team directing our day-to-day wins, and a Board with a stellar track record, we’re ready to take on the world’s diseases, ailments and adversity.

Meet Our Best & Brightest

Bringing products to market for patients with high unmet medical need. Managing quality and regulatory compliance for a global biotech company. Overseeing clinical development for top-flight pharmaceutical companies. These are the back stories of just some of the bright minds you’ll find in the lab, meeting room and, beyond at Dova Pharmaceuticals.

Caroline Diaz Director, Regulatory Affairs

Role at Dova: I lead the regulatory affairs function at Dova, where every day I have the distinct privilege of working to bring treatment options to individuals affected by thrombocytopenia.

Brightest professional “light bulb” moment: Breaking down what seemed like an insurmountable task into manageable pieces to enable team achievement of the overall goal.

Greatest accomplishment outside of work: Raising my two amazing boys. While I’m not done with this yet (!), I can’t imagine anything will ever be more fulfilling.

Favorite quote: “Everything in moderation.” (I mainly apply this adage to rationalize dessert, e.g. it’s only a moderately sized piece of cake, so it’s fine, right?!)

Defining piece of art, media or pop culture: “The Sound of Music.” I have watched the movie and listened to the soundtrack countless times, and can probably recite almost every word (both spoken and sung). And I have been known to spontaneously break into a rendition of “Edelweiss” or “Do-Re-Mi” from time to time.

What you do when you’re not here: I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and being outdoors with my family – any reason to get out and experience nature, really. I also enjoy cooking, baking and entertaining.

Education: I have a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology from Hope College and a Masters in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina. However, the Midwestern sensibilities in which my childhood was steeped — honesty, hard work, humility, family and faith — have shaped me in a more profound and lasting way than any formal education or professional experience.