Leading the Charge

We’ve built a company poised to produce transformative pharmaceutical solutions by bringing together leaders steeped in all the functions needed to bring new drugs to life. With a deeply skilled management team directing our day-to-day wins, and a Board with a stellar track record, we’re ready to take on the world’s diseases, ailments and adversity.

Meet Our Best & Brightest

Bringing products to market for patients with high unmet medical need. Managing quality and regulatory compliance for a global biotech company. Overseeing clinical development for top-flight pharmaceutical companies. These are the back stories of just some of the bright minds you’ll find in the lab, meeting room and, beyond at Dova Pharmaceuticals.

Kevin Laliberte Senior Vice President, Product Development

Role at Dova: I lead the research, development and execution of clinical trials for DOPTELET® (avatrombopag), seeking to broaden the treatment options for patients suffering from thrombocytopenia due to various causes.

Brightest professional “light bulb” moment: My “light bulb” moment occurred very early in my career while preparing a new drug application for a product. The moment had nothing to do with science, data or documents, but rather the collective desire to achieve a goal, collaborate with others, and ultimately provide a new therapeutic option for patients. That experience emphasized that motivation to achieve a goal in a collective manner will always be more successful than the individual pursuit of success.

Greatest accomplishment outside of work: My greatest accomplishment outside of work is maintaining work-life balance. The little things in life often go unnoticed but can make the biggest impact.

Favorite quote: “Not making a decision is the worst thing you can do. So long as you feel you made the right decision based on the information you had at that time, there’s no need to fret about it. If it fails, you’ll know what to do next time.”
– Bo Schembechler

Defining piece of art, media or pop culture: While it is a “show about nothing”, “Seinfeld” has been a staple of entertainment for me by turning the minutiae of daily life into comic relief. When in doubt quote a Seinfeld episode.

What you do when you’re not here: I love to spend time with my family, run and golf. My youngest child (my Saturday afternoon golf partner) likes to say that I am a professional golfer, but he is in a better position to achieve that goal!

Education: I earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Michigan and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in drug development due to my interest in clinical research. The magnitude and scope of experience in that two-year fellowship program established the ground work for my career in the pharmaceutical industry. Learning to troubleshoot complex scientific and strategic situations in collaboration with a team of industry veterans was an invaluable start to my career.