Leading the Charge

We’ve built a company poised to produce transformative pharmaceutical solutions by bringing together leaders steeped in all the functions needed to bring new drugs to life. With a deeply skilled management team directing our day-to-day wins, and a Board with a stellar track record, we’re ready to take on the world’s diseases, ailments and adversity.

Meet Our Best & Brightest

Bringing products to market for patients with high unmet medical need. Managing quality and regulatory compliance for a global biotech company. Overseeing clinical development for top-flight pharmaceutical companies. These are the back stories of just some of the bright minds you’ll find in the lab, meeting room and, beyond at Dova Pharmaceuticals.

Lee F. Allen, M.D., Ph.D. Chief Medicial Officer

Role at Dova: Sharing my clinical expertise as a Hematologist / Oncologist, which includes two decades of drug development experience and strategic insights from several prior success ful global regulatory approvals. It has been exciting working with my Dova colleagues on the successful approval, launch preparations, and indication expansion activities for DOPTELET® (avatrombopag), with a primary focus on addressing the unmet medical need for the patients we serve.

Brightest professional “light bulb” moment: I’ve learned a lot about leadership over the years and the critical importance of adapting my style to the individual needs of my colleagues. I’ve come to place the highest value on people and making sure they both get recognized and rewarded for what they do, and are given opportunities to grow and develop. I’ve also learned the importance of putting a premium on establishing a positive corporate culture, one that is challenging but supportive; we spend a lot of time at work and I believe it’s part of my job to ensure we have fun together, while we’re doing it.

Greatest accomplishment outside of work: Partnering with my wife of almost forty years to build our family against formidable odds and having the extraordinary good fortune to have been successful at raising two caring and compassionate children, who are truly citizens of the world and on the straight and narrow, despite the turbulent and tumultuous world in which they have grown up.

Favorite quote: “The patient is waiting…” A quote from Warner Lambert that I think epitomizes our mission in drug development. It highlights the sense of urgency and need to explore every opportunity to accelerate clinical development and bring new drugs and, importantly, new hope to patients and their families.

Defining piece of art, media or pop culture: “High School Musical” with its central message that “We’re All in this Together,” and the “Indiana Jones” and “Ironman” movies with their ingenuity, problem solving, and exciting adventures.

What you do when you’re not here: Generally, when I’m not at work, I’m at home working — a true workaholic! I’m passionate about my work in the pharmaceutical industry, and most importantly the potential benefits and new treatment options it can bring to patients.

Education: I had the remarkable experience of studying signal transduction pathways in the Howard Hughes Laboratory of Nobel Laureate, Dr. Robert Lefkowitz, and authored/co-authored publications in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature, and Science.